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Important Notice for Monthly4G Handset Protection & Monthly Handset Protection Customers

Effective on or after September 1, 2013

On or after September 1, 2013, several aspects of your Plan will be changing. The key changes are summarized below.

  • Product Name Change: The Plan, previously referred to as Monthly4G Handset Protection or Monthly Handset Protection, will be referred to as Premium Handset Protection® for Pay-In-Advance customers.
  • Rush Shipping: Once a claim is approved, replacement devices are rush-shipped within 1-2 business days at no charge to you (where available).
  • Unrecovered Equipment Fee: Damaged or malfunctioning devices must be returned within 10 days of receipt of your replacement device. If the device is not returned, you will be charged an unrecovered equipment fee. The new maximum fee charged is $900 (based on device value).
  • New Monthly Charge*: An $8 monthly charge per device will apply to all tiers.

If you wish to discontinue your current participation in the Handset Protection Program please call 1-877-778-2106. If you need to file a claim or would like to view updated Plan Information for Pay-In-Advance customers, please visit


* This $8 monthly charge per device for Premium Handset Protection continues to cover mechanical breakdown and accidental damage and will continue to be added to your monthly payment amount for device services. Mechanical breakdown and accidental damage coverage is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation, except in CA (Sureway, Inc.), FL (United Service Protection, Inc.) and OK (Assurant Solutions Protection Inc.).

Except in NY, T-Mobile continues to pay for your lost or stolen device coverage benefits through T-Mobile's Insurance Policy under which you are a certificate holder. Policy issued by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, except in MN - by American Reliable Insurance Company.

In New York, benefits are available separately through an insurance program that offers loss, theft and accidental damage coverage for a monthly charge of $6; and through an extended service contract that offers coverage against mechanical breakdown for a monthly charge of $5. To enroll separately in the insurance or extended service contract programs in New York, please call 1-866-778-1044.

T-Mobile is a registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG. Monthly4G and Premium Handset Protection are trademarks of T-Mobile USA, Inc.

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